Free K-12 Classroom Presentations

Kick off the conversation about the global water crisis with your students!

Dive Into Solving The Water Crisis: Free Classroom Presentations

3 Places to Start The Conversation:

  • Social Sciences: framed using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, students learn the connections between water and the other issues they care about! Working on a water project is also improving public health, drives economic development, reduces inequalities, and more!
  • Science: Introduces basic water science and water quality tests. Science is an essential part of solving the global water crisis. When you have knowledge of the issues and an understanding of the basic science, the next generation will be ready to take action!
  • Intro to The Water Crisis: Know the facts and figures about the water crisis before kicking off a project! This gives students a foundational understanding of water inequities and how they can work with H2O for Life to support access to clean water and sanitation at schools just like theirs!

I want a presentation at my school.

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